The birth of Rock and Roll & two of the Golden Rules of Investing

by | Nov 25, 2019

In this episode Billy discloses fascinating facts about the birth of Rock and Roll music from the original recording of the 1955 all-time classic, Rock Around The Clock to Simply Red’s beautiful yet powerful 1985 hit that launched their worldwide career.

While Dominic introduces two of the Golden Rules of Investing, discusses an online investment solution he has built for ordinary Australians who need an affordable way to invest small amounts in a professional manner.

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About the podcast:

Music and Money is a new series of inspirational podcasts starring two of Melbourne’s well known 3AW Radio Personalities, Billy Pinnell and Dominic Alafaci. The two Melbournians are drawn together by their love of music and Aussie Rules Football, as well as a passion for sharing their interesting experiences with their wide audiences.

Music and Money – two things we all need, at least a little of, to get by.

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