Trust and The Tax Man

by | Feb 25, 2020

Earning clients’ trust is essential for Financial Advisors. Their aim? To encourage clients to build wealth slowly and steadily.  Trust is a familiar theme in music and was powerfully sung by Etta James, with the unforgettable “Trust in Me”.  

People often focus on the cost of obtaining financial advice, not the importance of minimising legal tax. Dominic emphasises it’s the nest of tax and fees return that’s key to growing wealth and getting on the right side of the “Tax Man”. So even if bad luck strikes, you can make sound choices to help achieve your objectives that match your tolerance to risk. 

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About the podcast:

Music and Money is a new series of inspirational podcasts starring two of Melbourne’s well known 3AW Radio Personalities, Billy Pinnell and Dominic Alafaci. The two Melbournians are drawn together by their love of music and Aussie Rules Football, as well as a passion for sharing their interesting experiences with their wide audiences.

Music and Money – two things we all need, at least a little of, to get by.

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