Overcoming Disability and Thriving in Music and Money

by | Aug 13, 2021

In this episode Billy highlights that musicians with disabilities such as Bill Haley, Tony Iommi and David Bowie, often unnoticed by the audience and adoring fans, overcame their disabilities and entertained us for decades.

Dominic discusses how a Hedge Fund Manager swimming against the tide, Michael Burry of “The Big Short” fame who was partially blind, qualified as a Medical Practitioner before successfully shorting CDOs before the GFC, and made a fortune. 

If you know of a charity or a foundation established for those with disabilities, you may wish to let them know that Collins House Online is happy to work with them in sharing 20% of its revenue to help support their cause.

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About the podcast:

Music and Money is a new series of inspirational podcasts starring two of Melbourne’s well known 3AW Radio Personalities, Billy Pinnell and Dominic Alafaci. The two Melbournians are drawn together by their love of music and Aussie Rules Football, as well as a passion for sharing their interesting experiences with their wide audiences.

Music and Money – two things we all need, at least a little of, to get by.

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