by | Jun 2, 2022

On this episode Billy kicks off with Rita Coolidge’s 1977 hit “Your Love Has Lifted me (Higher and Higher)” which is certainly one of the most famous Uplifting songs of all time. Followed by the one and only Louis Armstrong’s 1967 hit “What a Wonderful World” which will always remain an all-time classic for those who appreciate the strength and quality of such an uplifting performer, especially given the adversity he and his fellow African Americans had to endure during those harsh times. At the other end of the scale Billy has selected a jubilant song “Do you believe in Magic” by the Lovin Spoonful, which he believes helps explains the magical benefits of music.

Dominic identifies that often when helping clients with their financial decision making, some of the most precious things people value are not related to money at all. One client who Dominic was helping with Education Funding for her grandchildren, which made her very happy, also identified that there were other simple things in life that gave her uplifting feelings, such as meeting lovely people, appreciating the natural wonder of a sunrise, the simple beauty of a ladybug, or the splendour of a gorgeous motor vehicle.

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About the podcast:

Music and Money is a new series of inspirational podcasts starring two of Melbourne’s well known 3AW Radio Personalities, Billy Pinnell and Dominic Alafaci. The two Melbournians are drawn together by their love of music and Aussie Rules Football, as well as a passion for sharing their interesting experiences with their wide audiences.

Music and Money – two things we all need, at least a little of, to get by.

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