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A multidisciplinary approach for achieving our client's financial goals.

Genuine, Independent & Unbiased Advice.

Unlike Commission Salespeople who have to “sell” you a financial product in order to validate their salary or Financial Advisors that are restricted to recommending financial products that maximise the business owners bottom line, at Collins House Private Wealth you can rest assured that if a financial product is recommended, it is because we genuinely believe that it best suits your needs, and not our pocket.

Financial & Investment Advice.

Invest your money wisely.

Investing your hard-won savings can be almost a full-time job and at Collins House Private Wealth we pride ourselves on providing Independent Professional Advice without expensive commissions and no gimmicks.

Whether you simply wish to establish a Portfolio of Quality Shares, Government Bonds, Listed Property, Managed Funds or Cash deposits we rebate all commissions and benefits, preferring to work on a Non-Commission Fee Basis.

This means our advice is completely Independent of the Commissions paid by Product Providers etc. In addition to rebating all Commissions any Volume Bonuses paid by Financial Product Providers to incentify business owners to use their Financial products are also rebated to clients and our Approved Product list is unrestricted.

Therefore our Financial Products Recommendations are based upon their appropriateness to your current financial situation, investment objectives and particular needs, rather than their attractiveness to the Financial Advisor or Business Owner’s financial needs.

This is particularly relevant to Trustees of Self Managed Super Funds, Charitable Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, and Deceased Estates, as they can Invest on their beneficiaries’ behalf in the knowledge that there are absolutely no conflicts of interest.

Taxation & Accounting Advice.

Small Business Owners, Executives & Retirees.

Whether you’re a private individual, executive or a business owner Collins House Accountants tailor-make solutions to suit your needs. You may be looking to invest in a new small business, property or other investment, preparing for retirement or looking to manage your current personal taxation and/or business affairs more effectively. Often this involves:

  • Preparation of accounts for sole traders, partnerships, trusts, companies and self managed superannuation funds to ensure compliance with relevant government legislation;
  • Examining appropriate business Structures from both an Asset Protection and Taxation perspective for your new business venture, investment opportunity or self managed super fund;
  • Accessing the Small Business Capital Gains Tax Concessions when considering the selling of an Existing Small Business or Asset;
  • Dealing with the latest changes to Taxation legislation such as the recent rulings on Trusts and Unpaid Present Entitlements;
  • Employee Share Schemes issues;
  • Superannuation Contribution Limits;
  • Capital Gains Tax matters;
  • Negative Gearing & Investment options;
  • Strategic financial and business planning;
  • Cash flow analysis and budgeting;
  • Saving for retirement and setting up Self Managed Superannuation Funds;
  • Inheritances and Estate Planning;
  • Preparation and Lodgment of income tax returns;
  • General administration and taxation advice;

Superannuation Advice.

How do you know you are in the fund that best suits your needs?

Nearly all Public Offer Super Funds employ Advisors either directly or indirectly who are restricted in what they can advise you on, and in many cases, Volume Bonuses are paid to business owners if they promote a particular type of Fund, even if they recommend a Self Managed Super Fund.

As we care about your future as much as you do, Collins House Private Wealth offers completely Independent Financial & Investment Advice, so you know you are not being “sold” a particular Super Fund product or service.

We have an unrestricted Approved Product List, which means we are not limited to recommending certain funds, we rebate all commissions and all “volume” bonuses, thus providing a truly Independent Service, and we assist you chose your Super Fund based upon:

  • The level of Investment choice you feel comfortable with
  • The frequency and style of Reporting that suits your needs
  • The level of involvement in the day to day running of your financial affairs
  • The level of Fees & Charges
  • The transparency of underlying Investment Risk
  • The level of Capital and Income Guarantees
  • The type and availability of Life Insurance Cover

Our experience will assist you to make the right Super choices, after all it’s your money we’re talking about!

UK & Other Pension Transfers.

UK Pension Transfer Specialist, Mr Peter Almond.

The decision to transfer your UK pension benefits to the Australian Superannuation system will be one of the major financial decisions you will make and could have a significant effect on your lifestyle in retirement.

As a result of many enquiries from Australians who have returned from working in the UK and others who have migrated to Australia, Collins House engaged the services of an experienced UK Pension Transfer Specialist Mr Peter Almond. Up until 23rd December 2014, Peter was licenced by Collins House Private Wealth Pty Ltd however he is now licenced by another Australian Financial Services Licensee as his business has grown.

Peter has been a qualified and authorised UK financial advisor since 1990. In 1992 he set up his own independent financial services company in the North West of England. He has been involved in all areas of financial services and has the experience to discuss the merits of the majority of UK life, pension and investment products. Due to the expansion of his company in the late 1990s, Peter concentrated on investment and pensions, specialising in providing advice on wealth creation.

In 2006 he decided to relocate to Melbourne and upon investigating the Australian financial services system was amazed at the flexibility and additional benefits that could be achieved by transferring UK pensions to Australia. The problem he discovered was that UK ex-pats and Australians returning from working in the UK encountered reluctance from Australian financial advisors in providing advice on the merits of transferring pensions. This was due to their lack of knowledge of UK pension legislation and the variety of pension products available in the UK.

Now a permanent resident in Australia Peter is looking forward to assisting new clients with advice on their UK pensions and confirming the potential benefits of transferring to an Australian Superannuation Fund.

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