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Strategic Business Planning & Business Structures

Strategic business planning is usually the first point of call for business owners who want to get professional advice across the overall health and strategy of their business. A Collins House’s professional advisor can help sit down and discuss your business needs and goals, putting together a detailed business strategy and plan to assist you with the important direction to take your business to the next level.

This could involve aspect such as the financial impact of hiring employees, better reporting on finances, renting an office, selling or acquisition of a business, and more.

It is important to get your business structure right and is the starting place for how you setup to protect your business and personal affairs and ensure its financial success. Different entity structures pay different tax rates and it will be beneficial to your business to pay the right tax according to its operations.

Cashflow Management

Cashflow can make or break a business as it is the lifeline to ensuring your bills or outgoings are paid on time and must account for seasonality in your businesses sales.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to increasing cash flow. A business advisor will help you identify problem areas such as profitability vs cash, forecasting, seasonality, planning for the unexpected, invoicing and growth.

Having a cash flow plan that identifies these problematic areas and puts together a strategy for overcoming them, will take your business to the next level.

Selling, Buying or Starting a Business

Whether you are buying or selling a business, we help can bring expert advice on how, when and who to sell to or buy from. Whether it’s a small financial outlay, or a big deal, sound advice will ensure any potential risks are highlighted or opportunities found and how best to structure any deal. Our services can include budgeting, risk management, business plans, taxation, cashflow management, financial documentation, business structures and compliance.

From liaising with solicitors or agents, researching and budgeting, and making/accepting offers, there’s lots that goes into selling, acquiring or starting a business. One of our business advisors will help walk you through the process and provide the appropriate support so your not going it alone. Get your business deal off to the right start with the right guidance and speak to our team today to discuss how we can help you.


Financing is the task of acquiring funds for your business activities and can be vital in order to leverage future expected money flows for projects that can grow your business exponentially. We can help guide you through different types of financing available to your business, which are the most suitable and the potential risks and implications of financing. 

Meet Our Advisory Team

Our dedicated team of investors, accountants, financial planners, solicitors and advisors share over 150 years of combined experience. Together, we are here to support our clients every step of the way.

The Collins House Difference

Collins House has effectively guided us through our investment journey. 

The advisory teams have enabled us to navigate through market volatility and achieve flexible investment outcomes. 

Investment, taxation and legal advice has been critical in helping us solve complicated issues involving a family trust. 

The review advice is always pitched in a clear language so the advisor – client relationship is unambiguous. Dominic, Kate and Sam are always available to answer our queries.

Sue & Chris

“I have dealing with Nick and crew for the past 25 years. Nick has been there for us in the highs and lows of our business. they are most responsive and informative to help us make the right decisions in our business.”

Zeno Hamzi

“We have been proudly working with the team at Collins House for 7 years. The staff are always very helpful and in particular the partners have a very genuine care for my business. I would recommend any small business to look them us as they have really helped by business to grow.”

Grant Thomas

“I have been working with Nick Corbo and his team for several years. Both he and the team at Collins House are extremely approachable, responsive, professional and always solutions focussed. I both recommend them and regularly refer people.”

Peter Habla

“Collins House is excellent. Highly professional and helpful. Their advice has been pivotal in the development of my business over decades. In particular, their support during the recent difficult period has been critical. I recommend them strongly for private or business needs.”

Simon Maas